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Property Management During Rental Moratorium

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As COVID-19 grew to become a worldwide pandemic, almost everybody across the globe experienced huge changes and challenges. Lockdowns, restrictions, and numerous safety measures all transformed how we go through our daily lives.

With millions of Americans suddenly unable to go to work due to the pandemic, many families began to struggle with paying rent. In an effort to provide relief for these families, the federal government implemented a rental moratorium, which prevents landlords from evicting tenants that are not paying rent.

While the rental moratorium can help protect families, it shifts the financial burden to landlords and property owners. As the pandemic draws on, landlords and property managers must continue to navigate these challenges.

How a Property Manager Can Help

The rental moratorium has made property management more complicated than ever. Trying to stay on top of constantly changing legislation while appeasing your tenants and financially staying afloat is a massive challenge for anyone. Fortunately, a property manager can help take some of this stress off of your shoulders. Here are a few ways that a property manager can help you navigate the rental moratorium:

  • Helping tenants seek financial support. If tenants are able to access unemployment or other forms of financial assistance, they are more likely to continue paying rent. A property manager can take the time to help tenants access these resources.
  • Managing delinquencies and defaults. Since many leases are now unenforceable because of the moratorium, it is a lot more difficult to keep track of delinquent accounts. A property manager can take the time to organize and oversee any defaults.
  • Communicating between owners and tenants. Handling all of your tenant’s inquiries and concerns is a full-time job, even without the added complications of the rental moratorium. A property manager can help take some of these responsibilities off of your plate by acting as a liaison between owners and tenants.
  • Understanding and interpreting legislation. In the last year, laws and policies have changed multiple times on the city, state, and federal levels. It can be taxing to try and keep up with these ever-shifting regulations. Thankfully, a property manager can keep track of the details for you.
  • Helping property owners advocate for themselves. As legislatures attempt to find solutions that protect both landlords and tenants, it is more important than ever for property owners to advocate for themselves. A property manager can help you do so effectively – on the city, state, and federal levels.

Expert Property Managers in Clark County, WA

If you are a landlord struggling to keep afloat during the rental moratorium, it may be time to call in the help of a property manager. At Zenith Properties NW, we can help you navigate the rental moratorium and ensure your assets are performing at their highest level. Our experienced property managers offer everything from rent collection and maintenance to marketing services and tenant screening. Contact us today to get started with our expert property managers!

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Property Management During Rental Moratorium in Vancouver WA

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