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At Zenith Properties, we understand that for every day your property is vacant, that’s income you’re missing out on. We are expert marketers and we will make sure your home has the necessary exposure by using top sites and services. There is a strategy we use to determine the highest rental rate for your home while also ensuring the least amount of vacancy time. We ceaselessly evaluate the marketing data and adjust variables until your home has been rented. 

With Zenith you can expect:

  • Professional photography
  • Professional online advertising
  • Professional online listings

Expert Listing and Marketing Services

The Clark County rental and home buying markets are very competitive and there are dozens of listing sites for properties in the area. However, for us, our online advertising begins with our own website. We get a lot of web traffic from owners, tenants, and potential tenants so our website is a great place to begin showcasing our properties.  

Our listings do more than just advertise your property. We’re able to track data about the listing including who is viewing it and how long they’re viewing it.

Listing and Marketing with Professional Photos

One of the most important factors when it comes to listing properties is top quality photography and videography. You have to wow viewers from their devices before they even consider touring the home. Great images grab people’s attention and increase foot traffic. 

The photos of your property are the first step in marketing your home and if you don’t have amazing content, people may not even bother. 

After we’ve acquired a great selection of photos that highlight your property, we’ll write description content that’s just as engaging. Our descriptions will list:

  • The property’s address
  • Square footage
  • Number of bedrooms
  • Number of bathrooms
  • The type of property it is
  • The home’s monthly cost
  • Pet policy
  • Special features

Most importantly, the contact information we include will be our own. You won’t have to worry about taking calls or responding to emails from prospective tenants inquiring about the property. We take care of everything!

Open Houses

At Zenith, we’re responsive and accessible. When prospective tenants or buyers contact us, we’ll answer, handling any questions, and providing tours. After open houses or viewings, we’ll follow up with them and invite them to fill out an application. Our rental process is professional and compliant with all federal, state, and local housing laws.

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