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Regular maintenance is important if you own a rental home. In fact, your return on investment can be drastically reduced if you don’t upkeep your property and make repairs when necessary. At Zenith, we only work with insured and licensed contractors for the properties we manage. We even have a vendor who’s always on call for after-hours emergencies. With our rental property maintenance services, you’ll save time, money, and added stress!

What All is a Landlord Responsible for?

It is a landlord’s responsibility to provide a safe and habitable home for tenants. Typically, that means landlords are responsible for routine maintenance tasks like:

  • Gutter cleaning
  • Tree pruning
  • Hedge trimming
  • HVAC maintenance
  • Appliance maintenance
  • Plumbing repairs
  • General maintenance

There are many other items that may arise depending on the age and condition of the home; for example, if roots infiltrate the home’s plumbing, the owner is responsible for repairs. Additionally, if the wood of a deck or outdoor stairs begins to rot, you would need to invest in a replacement.

What Repairs are Tenants Responsible for?

In general, tenants only need to pay for repairs that are a result of their misuse. Carpets and paint are also pro-rated and assumed to have a 7-year lifespan, and tenants are instructed to professionally clean and shampoo the carpet once their lease ends. Any damage is always paid for by the tenant. To ensure tenants always know what to expect, we provide checklists to verify the “move-in” condition of their unit. At the end of their lease, we will use that original checklist to ensure any damage is paid for by the responsible party.

We understand that tenants play a huge role in preserving your property. That’s why we are always working to keep costs down by educating tenants about the necessary steps to minimize any possible damage. Whenever it is legal, possible, and safe, we walk tenants through small issues to solve on their own.

Can I Use my Own Contractors to Perform Repairs?

Yes, but we require trade licenses and current proof of insurance from all of our vendors.

Expert Rental Property Maintenance

Your investment property is valuable, and we go above and beyond to keep it in the best condition possible. Our highly trained maintenance team will protect your investment and increase the desirability for potential renters at a minimum cost.

Rental property maintenance often requires help from more than a handyman. As one of our clients, you will enjoy access to our network of skilled vendors who offer high-quality work and competitive pricing. When their services are needed, we pass those savings directly to you.

Emergencies rarely happen during business hours which is why we offer 24-hour response and emergency repair services. You can have peace of mind knowing that your properties are being well cared for, all the while avoiding the frantic midnight phone calls and the hassle of navigating difficult repair problems with contractors and tenants.

By trusting us to handle maintenance and repairs, you can increase your cash flow and help avoid extensive damage to your property. If you’re interested in the rental property maintenance services we have to offer, contact us today. We look forward to working with you!
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Rental Property Maintenance

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