It’s been a great pleasure living on 41st Avenue for the last year and a half. Denny Miller and his team has done a wonderful job remodeling the duplexes and making them feel like homes. Hardwood floors throughout, great bathroom updates, and a fully fenced in back yard are just a few of the perks.

In my experience as a renter I have found it rare to have such a great tenant/management relationship as I have had with Zenith Properties NW. The management truly seems to do their best to make you feel comfortable and at home.

Haily Pierce

I have been associated with Zenith Properties NW for about a year or so now. I was new to the renting game after 30+ years owning my own house. Everyone from Johanna to James showed me nothing but respect and helped me make the transition from homeowner to renter. It was great; they really know their stuff, and they are totally professional in all respects.

I have continued to rent from ZPNW because they provide me the comfort of knowing that I can call, email, or write them about issues that might arise and will resolve them fairly, and to my satisfaction. I highly suggest that they be used anytime.

Michael P.