How To Prepare Your Property For Lease

 Are you looking to lease your property, but don’t know where to start? A lot goes into preparing your property for lease, but the process doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Check out a few of our property preparation tips below and you’ll have your property prepped for lease in no time! 

Tip #1: Boost Your Curb Appeal. The term “curb appeal” is used by real estate agents to refer to the exterior attractiveness of a piece of property. There are tons of ways to boost the curb appeal of your property, depending on your property’s condition. For example, you could hire an experienced painting company to touch up your home’s exterior paint job, or call a landscaper to give the lawn a once-over and plant some flowers. Doing these simple things will go a long way towards boosting your property’s curb appeal and helping to attract interested renters!

Tip #2: Update Your Interiors. The outside of your rental is important, but don’t get so caught up in boosting your property’s curb appeal that you forget about the interior of your property! The first look inside your property is sure to make a lasting impression on a potential renter. Ensure you make a great first impression by checking that your property is clean (no remaining construction projects, everything gone over by a cleaning crew, etc.) and that all of the amenities are in good condition.

Tip #3: Make A Plan, And Stick To It! Leasing a property is a bit like doing a choreographed dance. There are a lot of moving parts and you’ll have to keep them all straight in order to have everything come together and successfully lease your property. One of the most important things you can do when preparing to lease your property is to start early, before the rush of your rental busy season, and to have a well-coordinated marketing, service, and operations set-up constructed from the start. That way you are offering consistently great service to every potential resident that looks at your property!

Tip #4: Offer The Highest Level Of Service You Can. With the internet, word of good and bad customer service experiences travel fast and can make or break a business. It’s important that potential residents not only get a good feeling about your property, but about your brand as well. The best way to transform a prospective resident into a resident is by offering them consistently high levels of customer service and support. Investing in friendly, service-oriented marketing, customer service and maintenance staff will help ensure that both your property and your residents are well cared for!

Tip #5: Be Move-In Ready. It won’t matter how many interested potential residents you have if they aren’t able to actually move in! If you’re looking to lease your property, be prepared with at least some number of move-in ready units. Experts suggest keeping 75% of vacant properties move-in ready at all times.

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