Person cleaning gutters. Zenith Properties NW in Clark County WA talks about how to prepare your home for fall.

Fall is a beautiful time of year when the leaves begin to change colors and you can curl up by the fireplace with your loved ones. Although you may feel your home is perfect the way it is, extra efforts can ensure nothing bad happens during the chilly autumn season. In other words, nobody wants to be outside during the frigid fall months replacing a broken gutter, so what are some ways you can prepare your home for the dipping temperatures? Follow these helpful tips from Zenith Properties NW.

Fall Checklist for Homeowners

If you’re not sure what to look for, here are some important things to consider taking a look at before fall arrives.

  • Check your roof: An impaired roof can cause leaks, which can damage objects inside your home.
  • Clean your gutters: Dirty gutters can lead to buildup which will overflow and can damage the outside of your property.
  • Fill in any cracks around your home: Filling in cracks and holes around your home will prevent ineffective heating, and unexpected infestations.
  • Test your flashlights, generators, etc.: Waiting around to make sure your safety/emergency equipment is working properly is not a good idea, check it now while it’s still warm outside!
  • Vacuum and clean your heat vents: Removing dust and debris from your vents will ensure that your heaters are working efficiently.
  • Check for drafts: according to the U.S. Department of Energy, around 25-30% of heat loss occurs through windows. Install weatherstripping around your windows if you feel a draft.
  • Drain your outdoor faucets: the last thing you need in the dead of winter is a burst pipe. You can help prevent this from occurring by disconnecting your water hoses and draining your spigots.
  • Replace air filters: air filters are designed to trap particles before they enter your home, so your air filters will get clogged over time impacting how well they heat your home. You’ll want to clean or replace your HVAC filters at least once a month or as described in the owner’s manual to keep your heating costs low.

By checking these areas and making sure they’re in good working order, you’re ensuring your fall and winter are comfortable without having to worry about the weather outside damaging your home.

How to Prepare Your Home for the Fall

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