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“Dogs” and “apartments” are not mutually exclusive – the two can very well go together. Yes, you may be pressed for space in an apartment, but a conscious effort from the owner can result in a very happy home life for your dog.

Here are a few tips on how to keep your dog happy and healthy in your apartment:

Create a comfortable environment

If you make a dedicated “area of comfort” for your dog—a dog bed, toys, food and water all in one space—they are more likely to feel at-ease throughout the day. Dogs like consistency, and having a place in the home where they can relax is very good for their temperament.

Exercise well, exercise often

Blog Image Some dogs are more active than others – yet regardless of the breed, they all require a bit of running around. It’s when dogs don’t get the proper exercise that you see them chewing up furniture and making a mess, i.e. trying to get the owner’s attention.

It’s recommended that dogs exercise twice per day, with at least one high-intensity outing during the week (at the minimum). Fortunately Vancouver is absolutely filled with dog-related activities, like tons of dog parks and nearby hiking trails throughout Washington.

Establish a routine

Piggybacking off that last point, establishing a routine with your dog is another great way to keep him or her happy. What we mean is, have dedicated and regular times for things like walks, eating and perhaps even playing.

In that, here’s a little secret: keeping to a schedule allows for your dog’s metabolism to stabilize. That means you can count on regular bathroom trips for them, and not have to stand outside in the rain or winter months waiting for Fido to do his business.

Give your dog some day-time love

This is more applicable to those who work steady 9-5 schedules. That said, taking your lunch at home or making a midday pit stop to walk your pet is a great way to keep them pleased.

If you aren’t able to, maybe you can consider hiring someone (like a neighbor) to walk your dog in the middle of the day. Vancouver also offers several dog walking and sitting services, should you want someone with a bit of experience.

Keep the breed in mind

Certain breeds are more prone to living in an apartment than others. You’ll see it’s not a matter of size – some of the smaller breeds are actually more high-energy than the bigger and more laid-back dogs.

In that, if you are renting from us at Zenith Properties, you will want to check our pet policy and see which breeds are allowed and which ones are not. We want to give you the best experience and make sure you can live happily with your pet, but we also want to keep our tenants’ interests in mind. That said, we’re sure we can find something that works for everyone!

How to Keep a Dog Happy In Your Apartment

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