Leasing Services


You don’t have to worry about anything but cashing checks. But, actually, we offer direct deposit so you don’t even have to worry about that.

Zenith Minimum Requirements


As a part of our dedication to superior service, we offer each of our prospective clients a free onsite evaluation. We will asses the property and discuss any improvements that should be made to attract renters and comply with housing regulations. These suggestions may include anything from critical renovations to just a few cosmetic enhancements. You can take care of the work yourself, or If you’d like, we can provide estimates and perform part of all of the work for you.

During this initial consultation we will also establish a fair market value for the home, and together we’ll decide on an appropriate rental fee and security deposit.

With decades of experience as investors and property managers in the local housing market, we’re confident we can help you create a home that will appeal to qualified renters (and buyers) in every way.


When your property is ready for it’s debut, we will create an attractive listing and market your property using proven modern and traditional methods. Using Appfolio, our advanced property management system, we will make your property available for immediate viewing on our website and other heavily trafficked sites like Craigslist.org. We will also place a sign on your property without delay. Inquiries about your property as well as showing appointments can then be made by phone during business hours and 24-hours a day via the Internet for the prospective tenant’s convenience.

To maximize your property’s exposure to motivated renters, we offer weekend tours and make other showing appointments around the tenant’s schedule. During showings, we provide interested prospects with applications, which can also be obtained at our office or on our website 24-hours a day.

You can count on this process to create quick turnarounds and keep your vacancy losses to a minimum.


At Zenith Properties NW, we believe that choosing the right tenant is one of the most vital functions of long-term rental management.

Each applicant must complete a detailed form and meet minimum requirements for income and credit, which will be assessed through a major credit bureau. We also carefully screen tenants in regards to their rental/ownership history and criminal background. We abide by Fair Housing laws and treat every individual with dignity and respect. The first applicant that is rigorously screened, qualifies and places a deposit will be selected, and others will be notified in a timely manner.