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Important Facts To Review Before Ordering Maintenance

For Emergencies causing immediate danger: physical, fire or bodily injury CALL 911.

The Zenith AFTER HOURS ONLY Emergency Line is 866.226.3808, for the following types of emergencies: Backed up plumbing and flooding. Most maintenance requests are not emergencies.

If you call the After Hours Emergency Line during business hours you may be charged a $50 service charge.

The Zenith Regular Business Hours (9am-5pm) Emergency Line is 360-696-3111

Before requesting Maintenance review your copy of the Maintenance Instructions Addendum B (PDF) and the attached Trouble Shooting Guide for General Maintenance and Care (PDF) to understand possible tenant charges.

Please fill in the required fields when ordering Maintenance as thoroughly as possible to avoid delays. Our technicians work between 8am and 6pm.

If you would like to schedule an appointment for maintenance, we offer this service for a $25.00 charge.