When you’re just starting out as a landlord with one rental property things usually go well, for the most part. But, when you get the itch to buy more properties, things can get hairy fast. Managing multiple properties is extremely difficult to do on your own, especially if you’re doing it as a side job or from out of town. If maintenance requests are piling up and you’ve become too busy to enjoy life, take a load off and let Zenith Properties NW take care of your investments.

Our main objective is to save you time and money. Our inclusive management style ensures that you can maintain any level of involvement that you desire, and that we work together to achieve the greatest outcome.

Zenith Properties NW primarily manages single family rental homes in the greater Clark County area. We offer a comprehensive list of services, and we strive to for excellence in each aspect. We know that keeping costs down and finding the right tenant can sometimes make or break your return, and that documentation can be vitally important. Zenith Properties NW is on your team!

We are a tenant-friendly organization, and by taking care of our residents we can reduce turnover and improve cash flow. Every tenant is treated with the utmost respect, and Fair Housing laws are followed to the letter. With that said, we also have a strict and thorough screening process to ensure that anyone who may occupy your home is trustworthy and financially qualified (among many other criteria).

With Zenith, you’ll have the advantages of new technology and institutional-quality reporting. But because we’re a local, customer-focused business, you can also count on us to be there when you need us the most– or when you just want a quick chat.  That’s the kind of service you deserve.