Resident Criteria


Zenith Properties NW, LLC does not discriminate based on: race, color, religion, marital status, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, familial status, disability or source of income. We comply with all federal, state and local laws concerning Fair Housing.

Thank you for your interest in a Zenith-managed home. Our goal is to consistently offer top quality rental homes to our tenants. An important component of the management process is to maintain a thorough screening process. We will accept applications meeting the requirements listed on the Property Marketing Sheet and in which all the applicants meet the following qualifications.

Applications must be completed in full by all residents 18 years of age or over. All complete applications received will be processed. The first application to obtain approval status and place a deposit will obtain an offer to lease. All other applicants will be notified.

General Requirements

Income Requirements

Rental Requirements

Credit Requirements

A minimum of 2 positive credit lines. A credit history showing no negative reports is required. A negative report is any non-medical item 60 days past due or greater, collections and repossessions. Negative credit will result in an additional security deposit with the following guidelines.

Criminal Considerations

Upon receipt of the rental applications and screening fee, Zenith will conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant or any proposed tenant may be denied for the following:

Denial Policy

If your application is denied due to negative and adverse information being reported you should:

If your application has been denied and you feel you qualify as a resident under the criteria stated above, you should write to our: Equal Opportunity Manager PO Box 871600, Vancouver, WA 98687

Explain the reasons you believe your application should be reevaluated and request a review. Your application will be reviewed within (7) working days from the date your letter is received and your will be notified of the outcome.


An application may also be denied, for one or more of the following reasons:

Applicant(s) make any derogatory or offensive comments, and/or act in a boisterous, threatening, combative, and intoxicated or disorderly manner, during any phase of the inspection, meeting, application or screening process.

Zenith Properties NW, LLC will not accept tenant-provided reusable screening reports (also referred to as “portable reports”). All applicants must meet the requirements per the Rental Criteria through screening that Zenith receives directly from Background Investigations.

Disabled Accessibility Statement

Zenith Properties NW, LLC allows existing premises to be modified at the full and complete expense of the disabled person. If the disabled person agrees to restore the premises (per fair housing guidelines) at their own expense to the pre-modified condition. We require: