How do I apply for a rental?

Applications are available by clicking Apply Now in the lower-right hand corner of the rental listing under Available Rentals. You can also print a paper application from Resident Forms under the Tenant tab. Submit your paper application by emailing it to or faxing it to (360)696-3113. All applications must be paid for prior to the application being processed. Application Fees can be paid with cash or debit card in our office at 1498 SE Tech Center Place #170, Vancouver, WA 98683. They can also be paid online at; hover over Tenants along the upper menu bar and choose Online Payments from the drop-down menu.

updated 3/8/2016

What are your qualifications to rent?

Please see our Rental Screening Criteria.  You can find a complete list on this website.  Go to the Menu Bar and then chose Tenants and then chose Rental Criteria.  Please read the requirements thoroughly.

updated 3/9/2016

How long will it take to process my application?

Most applications take 24 – 48 business hours to screen.  A professional screening company verifies applicant’s employment, income, rental history, credit, and checks national criminal background registries.  Sometimes the information is difficult to obtain and the screening time may be extended.

updated 3/8/2016

When will you let me know if I qualify? How will you let me know?

We will let you know the outcome of your screening within 24 hours of obtaining the completed report.   A Zenith representative will call or email you, if an email was provided, to let you know if you have been approved or denied.  Zenith will only call one member of the party to inform you of the results; we cannot call everyone in the party.  We will attempt to reach you for 24 hours to notify you of your approval.  If there is no response after this time-frame we will move on to the next applicant.

updated 3/8/2016

Is the owner willing to make modifications to the property to accommodate disabilities?

A reasonable modification is a physical change made to a resident’s living space which is necessary to enable a resident with a disability to have full enjoyment of the housing; for example, adding bathroom grab bars, lowering closet rods or installing a ramp. Zenith Properties NW, LLC does allow for reasonable modifications in compliance with the Americans with Disability Act.  The modification must meet with owner approval and the resident asking for the modification must provide all permits and incur all costs associated with the modification. The Resident must also incur all costs associated with bringing the property back to its original condition.

updated 3/9/2016

When and where do I pay my rent?

Rent is due on the 1st day of the month. Zenith provides a grace period until the 4th day of the month with no penalty.  Rent received after the 4th will be considered late.  For your convenience we provide many options to submit your funds:

  1. Rent can be paid with cash, check or debit card at any qualifying PayLease location, such as Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer Customer Service.  Present the store clerk with the PayLease card which was provided at your lease signing and they will process your funds.
  2. Rent can be paid on our website at Hover over Tenants and choose Online Payments from the drop-down menu. Follow the steps to make your payment. ATTENTION:  There is a 3 day delay until we receive the funds.
  3. Rent can be paid by bank auto-pay. Just go to your local branch and request this service from your banker.  Remember to allow for mailing time and be sure to list the property address that you are paying for.

Mailing Address: PO Box 87-1600 Vancouver, WA 98687

  1. Rent can be paid in person in our office; we are always happy to see you! We do not accept cash, debit or credit card payments in office. Please make checks payable to Zenith Properties NW, LLC.

Physical Address is: 1498 SE Tech Center Place, Suite 170, Vancouver, WA 98683


What happens if I need to move out before the end of my lease?

Please contact your property manager to discuss your situation.  You are required to  provide a written 30-day Notice to Vacate per your lease. The lease break fee is 2 times the monthly rent.

updated 3/9/2016

Do I need approval to paint or change something in my rental home?

Yes.  Any and all changes must be approved after submitting a written request.

updated 3/9/2016

What am I responsible to maintain?

Residents are responsible light bulbs, filters, winterizing and maintaining the yard.  Residents must keep all of the smoke alarms and carbon monoxide alarms in working order by replacing the batteries when necessary.  The alarms must not ever be removed.  Please see your lease for a complete list of your responsibilities.

updated 3/7/2016

What happens if a room-mate wants to move out or I want to add one?

Please contact your property manager to discuss your situation. New roommates will have to follow the regular application process and meet the Zenith Rental Criteria.  A new lease contract is required for both situations, as well as additional fees.

updated 3/8/2016

Why shouldn’t I manage the property myself?

Not all landlords realize the significant cost and demanding lifestyle required of a property owner. The monetary costs may be easy to calculate, but what about the value of the hours and days spent on other management tasks?  Unfortunately, what many property investors fail to realize is the high cost and demanding lifestyle that accompanies their investment if they choose to self-manage.


Many self-managing landlords work below their pay grade, spending too much money and time managing their rental properties, and ultimately receiving minimal return-on-investment (ROI).  Zenith will help landlords avoid the cost, hassle and liability associated with managing a property by handling all the responsibilities that goes along with being a landlord / home owner.


Zenith is a full service property management company that handles all of the details to save you time, work and stress.  We make owning income property hassle free!


Zenith’s experienced Property Management team knows all of the landlord/tenant laws for Clark County, the State of Washington and Federal government’s Fair Housing Laws.  We are in tune with current rent values, vacancy factors and we use expert marketing tactics to earn our Owners a reliable income stream quicker than our competition.

Zenith has the resources and experience to perform thorough background checks on prospective tenants and document move-in and move-out condition reports. We understand and follow all Fair Housing Laws as required by Washington State and we stay abreast on all other landlord/tenant laws.

A professional property manager saves money for the investor. In most instances, your leasing and management fees are usually tax deductible.

updated 3/7/2016

Can I use my own contractors to do the repairs?

The answer is yes and no.  In an effort to ensure the quality of the vendor and the repairs, Zenith requires trade licenses and current proof of insurance from all of our vendors. If a property owner insists on using their own company to service their rental property, it is necessary for their vendor to provide the same documentation we require. In the case of after-hours or emergency calls, Zenith contacts our primary on-call vendor.

updated 3/7/2016

Do you have virtual tours?

Zenith Properties NW is one of few property management companies in our area who include virtual tours in our marketing. These tours allow potential tenants to get a full walk through tour of the property at their convenience. We create these video tours at no additional cost to our owners

updated 3/7/2016

Why do I need to add Zenith Properties NW, LLC to my hazard insurance policy as an additional insured?

Zenith requests this endorsement because we care about protecting the assets of our Owners. It is important to us that you understand that if your insurance company does not provide the needed coverage you will be personally liable if there is a claim.

By listing Zenith with the Additional Insured endorsement on your rental dwelling policy, you are requesting your insurance agency to defend both you and Zenith should a claim arise. You as Owner and Zenith as Manager would be represented as one party together, accruing only one set of defending attorney’s fees, which would be paid by your insurance company.

By failing to list Zenith as an Additional Insured on your rental dwelling insurance policy, you the Owner are responsible to indemnify Zenith. Any legal costs and settlements would be your personal responsibility.

As you can see, the Additional Insured endorsement is in your best interest as you endeavor to protect your rental home and many other assets.

updated 3/7/2016

Why don’t you have your own maintenance company? Wouldn’t it save me money?

Zenith Properties wants to focus on managing your rental home. With a minimum of three contractors per trade, Zenith has the ability to respond quickly to tenant requests and get repairs done in a timely manner. Additionally, because we give our valued vendors so much work, we are able to negotiate better prices. Our owners appreciate this cost effective, timely attention to maintenance.

updated 3/7/2016

Who keeps the late fees?

By completing thorough screenings and offering multiple ways for tenants to pay rent, Zenith keeps our delinquency rates low! When rents are not received on time, we follow a comprehensive process for retrieving the missing funds, including personal contact with the tenant and the serving of a 3-day Notice to Comply or Quit. Zenith retains all tenant-paid late fees to cover the cost of this extra labor.

update 3/7/2016

Can I find my own tenant?

Of course, but Zenith Properties will require that the tenant complete an application, pay the application fee, and be submitted to our screening company. All of this screening isn’t just there to find you a quality tenant, but it is also there to reduce risk to both the property manager and you as the property owner. With all of the identity theft and lawsuits arising from landlord/tenants relationships, thorough tenant screening is becoming more and more the norm. It is also the reason why so many landlords are hiring professional property managers to manage their rentals.

updated 3/7/2016

What appliances need to be provided in my rental home?

Tenants expect rental homes to include most kitchen appliances, including oven/range and refrigerator. Microwaves are not required to be provided. Owners may leave washer/dryers in the property, but Zenith recommends them to be tenant maintained.

updated 3/7/2016

When do owners get paid?

Zenith publishes a comprehensive review of property activity in an Owner Statement and sends owner disbursement funds by direct ACH deposit on the 20th of each month (or the next business day after the 20th).

updated 3/7/2016

What maintenance am I responsible to provide a tenant?

Tenants are not responsible for gutter cleaning, tree or hedge trimming or any repair that may put a tenant in a dangerous situation.  A safe and habitable home is a requirement by law.  A fully operating refrigerator, stove and HVAC system is a requirement of the owner to maintain.  The tenant is responsible for these appliances if damage is a result of the tenants’ misuse. Carpets and paint are pro-rated and assumed to have a 7 year lifespan.  Damage is always paid for by the tenant.  Checklists are provided to every tenant to verify the “move-in” condition.  Items that are damaged and not noted on the move-in checklist will be charged to the tenant.   Tenant’s professionally clean and carpet shampoo when their lease ends.

There are many items that may arise depending on the age and condition of the home when we take over management, for example;  plumbing charges caused by roots infiltrating a plumbing line is paid for by an owner.  This cannot be charged to a tenant.  Another example of an owner charge would be  a  rotting deck board would be charged to an owner.  These are both examples of unavoidable owner charges that are not a direct cause of the tenants’ misuse.  These are simply home maintenance and repair items.

Charges that are a result of tenants’ negligence are typically charged to a tenant.

updated 3/7/2016

Can I tour your available rentals?

Some of the properties listed under our advertised Available Rentals are vacant and ready to show.  On occasion, properties are occupied and are not available to show until the current tenant has vacated. Contact our Leasing Agent at (360)816-9754 to discuss availability and schedule your tour.

updated 3/9/2016