If you are buying for income or looking for your dream home we are qualified to help you. Denny Miller purchased his first rental home in 2001. He has become a sales agent specializing in investment properties to meet the needs of his property management clients and independent investor buyers.

home-buying-and-selling-vancouver-waHe is also in a unique position to be able to help you find the perfect home to live in. He has developed a unique propriety system to evaluate property value. He can help purchasers make an informed decision whatever their real estate goals are.

We have a successful track record or selling homes quickly and for the highest dollar amount.

Our team is involved in a market analysis daily to determine the “best” time for home sales. We have sold and evaluated many of our current owner/client’s.

The Zenith Team has facilitated hundreds of transactions. We listen to people and hear what they are saying. We have the knowledge and resources to find the right house for you.

Our business is to know the Vancouver/Clark county neighborhoods buying and selling trends. We don’t analyze trends on a monthly basis. We are making notes on a daily basis.

Let us work with you to help find a house you’ll call home your perfect investment. We are ready to work with you NOW!


We’re not just here to help you find and buy a home, we’re here to help you invest your money wisely, which means we won’t just help you close a good deal, but advise you when to walk away from a bad one as well.  After more than 30 years in the local housing market, working through the good and the bad, we’ve come to understand the specific nuances of Vancouver area real estate.

We know that much of the buying decision is weighted in location, and at Zenith Properties NW, we are intimately familiar with the region’s best neighborhoods because we’ve always got our eye on schools, shopping centers, public planning, and the next best areas to buy.

If you’re looking to purchase a rental property, then not only is location critical, but cash flow potential and ongoing management are also paramount– and you can count on us to take care of all of it. Zenith Properties NW is staffed with seasoned property managers, making us keenly in tune with the qualities you should be looking for in an income property, and more than qualified to help you turn a profit.

Contact Zenith Properties NW about your real estate investment plans today!


When you’re ready to sell an investment property, or even your primary residence, you can count on Zenith Properties NW to make the process smooth and lucrative.

First, we’ll assess your property and provide you with a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) at no cost or obligation.  If you choose to move forward, we’ll help you prepare the home for a successful debut on the market.

Next comes marketing, which is a big part of our business and a phase of the process we take very seriously. Using advanced digital marketing techniques, we’ll expose your home to the largest possible number of qualified buyers, driving up demand and consequently your sale price. Our enthusiasm for marketing has also resulted in our listings having the lowest days on market in the industry.

Additionally, as it has become harder for buyers to qualify for loans, we’ve learned a few creative selling terms, such as Lease Options, which can make all the difference with the current lending climate.

If you are serious about earning as much money as possible on the sale of your home, call Zenith Properties NW today at 360-696-3111!