Request MaintenanceNo management company would be complete without the ability
to handle every conceivable maintenance issue for your property. At Zenith Property NW, LLC we have our own seasoned full time maintenance staff that we use as well as a variety of independent contractors that give you and your property both quality work at reasonable prices and quick turnaround.

We address property maintenance issues faster. We can use electronic work orders and communication with vendors so we quickly solve issues. See example work order attached.

We have extensive experience with maintenance, from minor maintained house repairs to more complete remodels. Due to the number of homes we have repaired and remodeled as rentals and for remodels and for sale, we have developed and excellent contract referral list. In addition to small repairs we are skilled at managing large projects. We have many “before and after” photos we can share if you are interested in larger projects.

Maintenance for Management Clients

Our current clients benefit from inspections performed prior to a resident moving into the property, annual inspections, and a detailed inspection at the time of a vacancy. We keep detailed notes and digital photographs in secured files for reference. Owners will be contacted regarding any work that is needed. Owners can order additional inspections if desired. Your resident will be instructed to contact our office promptly for any maintenance they need.


  • Call our 24 hour line with any emergency issues: 1-866-226-3808

Please call Zenith Properties NW, LLC if you have any questions 360.696.3111