Thank you for applying to live at our community.

This criteria

is provided to you to define the process we use to select our residents. Zenith Properties NW, LLC is Equal Housing Opportunity providers, and seeks to process all applicants in a fair and consistent manner.


  • Complete the Rental Application (one for each adult). Note: Inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial, or termination of the tenancy if discovered after the tenancy commences.
  • Pay your non-refundable screening charge of $40.00 (The screening charge is the cost of ordering a resident screening report. Screening entails verification that individual applicants meet the requirements listed below.) Applications will not be processed until payment is received for processing. Payments must be made within 2 business days or you will lose your place in line.
  • Be prepared to wait two or three business days for the application verification process. To expedite the process please provide proof of income with your application (pay stub or tax return). More time must be allowed if the information proves difficult to verify. If additional information is needed, you must get the information to us no later than 3 business days after notification of your pending approval or your application will be cancelled and you will lose your place in line.
  • The required security deposit will be one of the following amounts depending on the screening results: One month’s rent or two month’s rent. Security Deposits are typically calculated based on the scheduled rent for the unit, before lease discounts or other specials.
  • *** All application fees are NON – REFUNDABLE.     We accept the first qualified applicant.  If the application is approved you will be called to arrange an appointment to sign the lease or a deposit to hold.  If the holding deposit specified/or lease is not signed  within 24 hours, the application may be denied.  This will result in a forfeiture of  your $45.00 non-refundable screening charge.  We will hold properties for up to 2 weeks, unless other time time requirements are set by the owner of the property.


  • Positive identification plus picture identification will be required for each adult applicant. Acceptable forms of picture identification are a valid, state-issued, driver’s license or identification card, or a valid passport. A photocopy of picture identification may be kept on file.
  • A complete and accurate Rental Application listing your current and at least one previous rental reference with phone numbers will be required (incomplete applications will be returned to the applicant).
  • Each legal applicant will be required to qualify individually.
  • Applicants must be eighteen years of age or older, married, emancipated, or (in Oregon) under the age of 18 and (a and/or b):
  1. the parent of a child or children living in the physical custody of the pe
  2. pregnant and expecting the birth of a child who will be living in the primary applicant’s physical custody of the person


  • Monthly household income should be at least 3 times the stated rent.
  • A current paycheck stub may be required.
  • Some form of verifiable income will be required for applicants. (Verifiable income may mean, but is not limited to: bank accounts, alimony/child support, trust accounts, social security, unemployment insurance benefits, AFDC, grants/loans, retirement funds). If you are unemployed and have no other source of income, either a security deposit which equates to twice the monthly rental amount or at least six months of living expenses on hand will be required. “Living expenses” will be defined as the minimum required household income as specified in the rental criteria.
  • Self-employed applicants will be required to show proof of income through copies of the previous year’s tax returns.
  • You will be denied if your income cannot be verified.


One year of positive verifiable rental history from a third party reference will be required.

Rental history reflecting unpaid damage and/or past due rent will be denied. Rental history, either from a prior landlord or any other source deemed reliable, reflecting a negative reference will result in denial.


  • A credit report will be obtained.
  • Outstanding bad debt (i.e. slow pay, collections, discharged bankruptcies, repossessions, liens, judgment & wage garnishment programs not medically related) being reported on the credit bureau which is more than $1,500 will require a security deposit equal to a full month’s rent.
  • Bankruptcy (Chapters 7 or 13) listed as pending or discharged on the credit bureau report will result in a required security deposit equal to a full month’s rent. Discharged bankruptcy with subsequent outstanding bad debt (as defined in #2) exceeding $1,500 will result in denial.


  • A qualified co-signer for the rental agreement must meet all of the standard residency criteria and have income that exceeds four (4) times the rental amount for the unit. The co-signer must provide photo and other legal identification as required by management, and will have his/her signature on the application and Co-Signer Agreement notarized prior to occupancy by the applicant if unable to be available in person at the management office.
  • A co-signer will be required to sign a Co-Signer Agreement.


  • Upon receipt of the rental application and screening charge, landlord will conduct a search of public records to determine whether the applicant or any proposed tenant has been convicted of, or plead guilty to or no-contest to, any crime.
  1. A conviction, guilty plea or no-contest plea for: any felony ever involving serious injury, kidnapping, death, arson, rape, sex crimes and/or child sex crimes, extensive property damage or drug-related offenses (sale, manufacture, delivery or possession with intent to sell) class A / felony burglary or class A / felony robbery; or
  2. A conviction, guilty plea or no-contest plea, where the date of disposition, release or parole have occurred within the last five years for: any other felony charges; or
  3. A conviction, guilty plea or no-contest plea, where the date of disposition, release or parole have occurred within the last five years for: any misdemeanor or gross misdemeanor involving assault, intimidation, sex related, drug related (sale, manufacture, delivery or possession) property damage, weapons charges; or
  4. A conviction, guilty plea or no-contest plea, where the date of disposition, release or parole have occurred within the last three years for: any class B or C misdemeanor in the above categories or any misdemeanors involving criminal trespass I, theft, dishonesty, prostitution shall be grounds for denial of the rental application. Pending charges or outstanding warrants for any of the above will result in a suspension of the application process until the charges are resolved.


  • You have the right to dispute the accuracy of any information provided to the landlord by a screening service or credit reporting agency. If your application is rejected due to unfavorable information received during the screening process you may:
  • Contact the credit reporting agency to identify who is reporting unfavorable information.
  • Correct any incorrect information through the credit reporting agent as per their policy.
  • Request the credit reporting agency to submit a corrected credit check to the appropriate screening company.
  • Upon receipt of the corrected and satisfactory information, your application will be evaluated again for the next available unit.

Be advised:

  • Incomplete, inaccurate or falsified information will be grounds for denial, or termination of the tenancy if discovered after tenancy commences.
    • Any applicant that is a current illegal drug user or addicted to a controlled substance or has been convicted by any court of competent jurisdiction of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance shall be denied.

If your application has been denied and you feel that you qualify as a resident under the criteria set out above, you should write to:

Zenith Properties NW, LLC
PO Box 871600, Vancouver, WA 98687

In the letter explain the reasons you believe your application should be approved and request a review of your file. Within ten working days of receipt of your letter, your application file will be reviewed and you will be notified of the outcome of the review.