Property Owner’s Testimonials


I am writing this letter to recommend Zenith Properties to anyone who has a home that needs to be rented.

I purchased a home in Vancouver with my mother that allowed her to live in a safe community and also to pursue her gardening hobby.  This purchase was meant assist her and be an investment for me.  Unfortunately, my mother was diagnosed with a severe virus and this last year she became unable to live without assistance.  She has moved to a living situation that is more suitable for her.

I tried to sell the house without success.  Our community association rules clearly state that ???renting??? is prohibited unless there is a formal request presented and approved by the Board of Directors.  This catch 22 situation was overwhelming.  I was unable to sell and unable to rent.

I live in Seattle and have a busy job so I decided to hire Zenith Properties to navigate through this difficult situation.  Zenith Properties handled the entire process with the community association.  They wrote our appeal and showed up for the hearing.  The appeal was granted and our house is now successfully rented to a very nice family.  I can???t thank Zenith Properties enough.


C. Gleason
Vancouver, WA

Property Owners Testimonial 2


Hello Everyone:

We would like to recommend Zenith Properties to anyone who is struggling to rent their home.  My wife and I were extremely busy planning to move out of state in order for me to start my new job.  The idea of trying to find well qualified and responsible tenants to rent our home ourselves caused us distress. So did the fact that we would have had to maintain our property from another state.

Denny Miller and the staff at Zenith Properties alleviated our stress by expertly handling the entire renting process of our Vancouver property.  Their communication is excellent.  They were able to find us a good renter in a very short time and have been able to assist us long distance. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to have a stress free property management experience.


M&C Stein,

Vancouver Wa