How do I apply for a rental?

Applications are available from a link directly from the rental listing on this site. Or you can print an Application from “Resident Forms” on our website. The Application can then be emailed to Rentals@Zenithpro.com or faxed to 360.696.3113. All applications must be paid for prior to the Application being processed. There are two ways to pay: 1) Applications can be paid for with cash or debit card at our office: 1498 SE Tech Center Place #170, Vancouver, WA 98683 2) Applications can be paid online, however there is a 3 day delay period until funds are available therefore the processing is delayed until funds are received.

What are your qualifications to rent?
How long will it take to process my application?

Most applications take 24 – 48 business hours.  We have a professional screening company verify employment, rental history credit, income and check for an all-state criminal background.  There are times when the information is difficult to obtain and the screening time may be extended.

When will you let me know if I qualify? How will you let me know?

We will let you know if you qualify, or not, within 24 hours of obtaining the completed background screening report.   A Zenith representative call and email if an email is provided.  We can only call one member of a party to inform them of the results.  We will not call everyone in the family.  We will call for 48 hours until the applicant has been informed.  If there is no response we will move on to the next candidate. 

Is the owner willing to make modifications to the property to accommodate a handicap?

Under the Reasonable Accommodations laws, Zenith Properties NW, LLC will allow a Reasonable Modification.  The Resident asking for the modifications must provide all permits and incur all costs associated with the modifications if it is approved by the home owner. 

The Resident must also incur all costs associated with bringing back the property to the original condition. 

Reasonable accommodation is an alteration that allows a disabled person to overcome physical obstacles that interfere with the use of a dwelling.

When and where do I pay my rent?

Rent is due on the 1st.  Your grace period is until midnight on the 4th of the month.  Any rent received after the 4th will be considered late.  For your convenience we provide many options. 

Rent can be paid at any PayLease qualifying location.  Wal-Mart and Fred Meyer customer service is a local service that will process your rent.  Present the store clerk with your PayLease card provided at Lease signing.  You may pay them with cash, check or debit card.  They have convenient hours for many residents.  Please call to verify Customer Service hours.

Residents may pay on our website ZenithPro.com.  Please find the PayLease link and follow the directions.  ATTENTION:  There is a 3 day delay until we receive the funds.  Rent must be paid on the 1st to safely be paid on-time.

Residents are always welcome to sign up for auto-pay.  Just go to your bank and request the service.   Remember to allow for mailing time and list the property you are paying for. 

Mailed checks need to be sent to:

PO Box 87-1600
Vancouver, WA 98687

In person payments are always welcome.  We do not accept cash.  Please make checks out to Zenith Properties NW, LLC. 

Our Physical Address is:

1498 SE Tech Center Place
Vancouver, WA 98683K

What happens if I need to move out before the end of my lease?

Please contact your property manager at Rentals@Zenithpro.com or 360.696.3111 to explain the details.  You will be asked to fill out Washington 20 day notice to vacate form which is available on our Website under the heading Resident services.  The lease break fee is 1 ½ times the monthly rent.

Do I need approval to paint or change something in my rental home?

Yes.  Any and all changes must be approved after submitting a written request.

What am I responsible to maintaining?

Residents are responsible for new filters, light bulbs, winterizing and maintaining the yard.  Please see you lease for a complete list of your responsibilities.

What happens if a room-mate wants to move out?

Please call 360.696.3111 to contact your property manager or email at Rentals@Zentihpro.com to explain the details.  You will be required to pay additional fees and fill out paperwork.  New room-mates will have to pay for screening and meet the Zenith Rental Criteria.  A new lease contract is required for both situations.

Why shouldn’t I manage the property myself?

In the past years the landlord business has changed exceptionally. Within these FAQs, we have described our detail oriented screening process. Due to new credit reporting laws, owners do not have access to these resources and if so, the cost would be prohibitive. Over the course of a year Zenith Properties NW, LLC screens over 1,500 tenants and because of that high volume, we pay sensible fees. Along with the new credit reporting laws comes huge responsibilities and penalties on all landlords regarding the safe keeping of renter’s personal information. Identity theft is often a huge problem because of the required information used for applications and to prevent that problem landlords are required to follow certain rules to secure that information. If a tenant of yours identity is stolen and you cannot prove that you followed the rules in safeguarding that information, you as the owner could be liable for paying for the damages, which could end up costing thousands of dollars.

Not only will the credit information above put the landlord at risk along with many more. HUD enforces the Fair Housing Laws. There are also Fair Housing Advocates who receive Federal funds to test landlords to make sure they are abiding by Fair Housing laws. Honestly we believe that most landlords do not discriminate purposely but because they are unaware of the laws, often a landlords are found to have violated housing. One common mistake made by landlords unaware of the Fair Housing Laws is denying an application to someone with a dog or cat because you do not accept pets for your property. If the renters dog or car is support or companion animal it is against fair housing laws to deny them. Fair Housing Advocate could potentially seek out $30,000 in damage per complaint for such a small mistake. The question you might ask yourself; is it work the risk to self-manage?

Many owners look at the monthly manager fee and look at a way to remove that expense. In the long run, professional management should add to your bottom line, not deduct. Most of our owner/clients find we are able to add to the bottom line. We remove the time intensive job of managing a rental. We also collect market rent.

Can I use my own contractors to do the repairs?

The answer is yes and no. Most of our owners direct Zenith Properties to handle all repairs. Because of our volume, we are able to get discounted rates and have a list of professionals who can quickly get to the problem and get the job done and fixed. Over the years we have developed a system that efficiently gets these repairs done in a timely matter, are cost effective, and are done with professional workmanship. If repairs are done outside of our systems there is a greater chance of an error being made. We want to ensure the quality of the repairs being done are up to par so to guarantee this we do require licenses and insurances from all of our vendors. If a property owner insists on using their own company to service their rental property we do require paperwork to include license and insurance. In the case of an afterhours call, we cannot guarantee that an owner’s repair company will be available so in such event, they will call our primary on-call vendor.

Do you have virtual tours?

Zenith Properties is one of few property management companies in our area to provide virtual tour of our home. We create these tours at no additional cost to allow potential tenants to get a full walk through tour of our properties at their convince.

Why do I need to add Zenith Properties NW, LLC to my hazard insurance policy as an additional insured?

“Why isn’t listing Zenith Properties as additional/insurable interest enough?”

By adding Zenith Properties as an additional insured, you provide you and your insurance company additional liability coverage, which is explained after the following story: A neighbor child entered the backyard of a rental home, stepped in a hole, and broke his leg. The parents of the boy sued the tenant, the property owner, and the property manager. The property manager was not listed as an additional insured and had the standard indemnification clause in their management agreement. This indemnification clause was similar to the one that Zenith Properties has in its management agreement as well as every other property manager’s agreement. Because the property manager was not listed, the homeowner’s insurance would not cover the property manager. Since the property manager was being sued and not covered by the owner’s policy, the property manager had to hire an attorney to defend them, just like the attorney for the insurance company was defending the property owner. Both the homeowner’s insurance company and the property manager was paying for an attorney to defend them. In both cases the attorneys pointed blame everywhere but their client. The homeowner’s insurance is showing blame with the property manager and/or tenant. The property manager’s attorney is showing blame with the property owner and/or tenant.

In this case, the homeowner was found guilty of negligence and the homeowner’s insurance company paid the claim. However, the property manager had accumulated nearly $10,000 in attorney fees in its defense. The property manager, like Zenith Properties, had professional and liability insurance, but neither policy would cover the property manager’s legal expenses. Because of the property manager’s indemnification clause, which is a common clause in all property management agreements, the home owner was held liable for the $10,000 in attorney fees to defend the property manager.

If the homeowner had listed the property manager as an additional insured, the insurance company would have equally defended the property manager as well as the homeowner and there would not have been any additional costs incur by the home owner.

We strongly encourage you to talk to your insurance agent about the above scenario and be sure to list Zenith Properties NW, LLC as an additional interest. Your agent may try to talk you into listing Zenith Properties as an insurable interest or a as an additional interest, but this is not the same thing. Have them explain the difference and the risk that is assumed by you, the home owner. Some companies may refuse to list your property manager as an additional insured. Our  recommendation is that you send them a copy of your management agreement and express your concern for your liability. They’ll probably agree to add the property manager. They may require you pay a fee to do so, but the fees we have seen are very little and worth the peace of mind.

Why don’t you have your own maintenance company? Wouldn’t it save me money?

Zenith Properties wants to focus on managing your rental. That is our expertise. Additionally, we found that hiring contractors that specialize in that specific trade, the quality is much better. Because we give them so much work, we are able to negotiate better prices. We have a minimum of three contractors per trade, so their ability to respond immediately is done in a timely matter. Have you ever heard the saying, “He’s a jack of all trades, master of none”? Far too often we see unlicensed guys in a truck fixing things they have no business fixing. Our way gets it done right the first time and at a reasonable cost.

Who keeps the late fees?

Collecting late rent is a very difficult job. We could actually get away with the less staff if all tenants paid their rent on time. If the tenants would just communicate when they don’t pay their rent on time, it would be a lot easier. But as it is, our leasing agent have to turn into debt collectors and begin a very aggressive regiment to collect money on behalf of our property owners. Zenith Properties retains all late fees to help pay for this extra and unpleasant labor.

Can I find my own tenant?

Of course, but Zenith Properties will require that the tenant complete an application, pay the application fee, and be submitted to our screening company. All of this screening isn’t just there to find you a quality tenant, but it is also there to reduce risk to both the property manager and you as the property owner. With all of the identity theft and lawsuits arising from landlord/tenants relationships, thorough tenant screening is becoming more and more the norm. It is also the reason why so many landlords are hiring professional property managers to manage their rentals.

Do I need to provide a refrigerator?

Tenants expect rentals to include refrigerators. It’s becoming even more and more common for home owners who sell their house to also include the refrigerator. Because of this expectation, we require your rental be equipped with a refrigerator that is comparable in style and quality of the home.

When do I get paid?

Zenith Properties exerts all of its energy the first week of each month on collecting rents. Adhering to trust accounting requirements, we must let rent checks season before dispersing funds to the owner. Also Zenith pays any bills on behalf of the owner/client between the 1st and 10th. The accounting needs to be complete before owner/client ACH deposits are made. Therefore Zenith Properties completes owner statements and deposits funds directly into our property owner’s accounts on the 20th day of the month or on the next banking day after the 20th.